Gems: "Spell it out for me"

Here are some of our favorite quotes from the startups we spotlighted so far + a podcast rec at the end that's related to all things startups, all the time.

Fon Powell, Founder of S.A.L.T on turning an abstract idea into a reality: "I learned most entrepreneurs fall short, not in having an original idea, but in executing that idea."

Delphine Braas, Cofounder of Sailo on going to B-School: "You never know where you’re going to meet your next business partner but business school is a pretty good bet!"

Christine Souffrant, Founder of Vendedy on communication: "Entrepreneurship does something to you....When you are constantly on pitch mode and connection mode, you learn quickly to say what matters."

Jessica Wolf, Founder of Vivonne on failure: "I think perseverance is key. Keep trying. My mom always reminds me, 'You are only truly an entrepreneur if you can handle and overcome failure, setbacks and losses.'"

Alex Poon, Founder of on the significance of finding the right cofounder: "Having someone with you through those [highs and lows]...and knowing that you can truly trust the other person to ride that rollercoaster with you makes...[working on a] new venture a lot less risky."

Jordana Kier & Alex Friedman, Cofounders of LOLA on the early startup grind: "It’s helpful to take a step back and identify what’s important and high-impact for an early stage company and then devote the most time and energy there."

A video + podcast series you have to check out is "The Phat Startup." Start off with Anthony Frasier's interview with Kanyi Maqubela.